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Abdulhusain Abdul Nabi sat amongst rows of clear glass bottles, each containing the essences of the orient, the scents that instinctively evoke the spirit of Arabia. From humble beginnings at the turn of the century in Aden, Yemen, the business has been rooted in family, tradition and quality since 1900. With a legacy thus far of four generations of master perfumers, Abdul Nabi’s son Taher established Taher & Sons, and the business remains family operated till today.

Taher & Sons, LLC established its primary business headquarters in Dubai, UAE in 1973 and swiftly expanded through its Sole Agent and Partner, Al Khair Perfumery in Saudi Arabia established in 1985. Ever since, Al Khair Perfumery has offered the finest oud (aloeswood), attar (essential oils), and bakhoor (incense) to wholesale, retail and individual clients in Saudi Arabia and around the world.

It is widely known that of the five human senses, the sense of smell is the most evocative of memory. A particular scent can send you into the depths of your own mind, to relive beautiful memories over and over. With its range of essences and secret blends passed down through the generations, Al Khair Perfumery offers you the chance to make new memories, because the experience of the luxury of a Taher & Sons product is unforgettable. 


Without compromising the highest quality of customer service, we aim to offer world-class products at competitive rates, with an eye on both the latest trends and the timeless classics. 


While continuously maintaining the highest level of service to our clients, we envision being the global wholesale perfume market leader, providing only quality products and nothing less.”


Ahmed Mohammed Baterfi: Mr. Baterfi has extensive knowledge of the perfume industry, particularly in Saudi Arabia, where he oversees Al Khair Perfumery’s business operations and human resources in the Jeddah offices. As he has done so for the last three decades, Mr. Baterfi continues to benefit Al Khair Perfumery with his understanding of the traditions of perfumery and the unique business culture in Saudi Arabia.

Mukhtar Taher Abdulhusain Abdul Nabi: Mr. Mukhtar Taher represents the third generation of master perfumers, continuing the heritage of fine perfumery for over thirty years. He manages day-to-day business in the Jeddah offices, and his unparalleled business acumen and flair for the art of perfumery remains essential to the success of Al Khair Perfumery.

Hussein Mukhtar Taher Abdulhusain Abdul Nabi: Mr. Hussein Mukhtar ushers in the fourth generation of master perfumers, a legacy spanning over one hundred years. He has completed his further education at USC Marshall School of Business in Los Angeles, California, majoring in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Mr. Hussein Mukhtar brings skill, vibrancy and originality to the company as he oversees Sales, Marketing and Business Development. 

Our Advantages

  • Wide variety of products and scents to meet the needs of a large market
  • Wholesale prices for bulk orders with average savings of around 50% on retail
  • Great customer care and service
  • Offers and promotional deals provided to our loyal customers

Why Choose Us?

  • Al Khair Perfumery has over 30 years of experience in the field of perfumery, with experts helping us create the finest fragrances and products for our customers to enjoy
  • We offer first class products at highly competitive market prices
  • We are family-operated with great attention to detail, making sure our products are nothing less than the finest before being sold.
  • We deal with highly reputable businesses across the world, earning an acclaimed reputation locally and globally.

We are constantly adding merchandise to our store and working on improving the features of our website. Your comments and suggestions are important to us. Please email us or write to us at the following address: info@alkhairperfumery.com To all of you, from all of us at Al Khair Perfumery - Thank you and Happy eCommerce!

Hussein Mukhtar
Associate Director

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